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An undercoat of thick hairs to protect the skin from both hot and cold temperatures, and a top coat of guard hairs to repel moisture and debris.\r\n\r\nShaving could cause both to grow back tangled and matted, or with a sticky feeling preventing the air from circulating underneath to keep your pet cool.\u00a0 Having the hair matted up can create hot spots, or draw stickers from the grass or brush into the hair.\r\n\r\nSo no matter how you look at it, or try to get around it, brushing your dog is usually the best answer. Knowing the right tool to use when\u00a0brushing your dog<\/a> is so important, along with how often.\r\n\r\nRoutine baths<\/a>, and\u00a0 flea prevention<\/a> to prevent scratching, among other things can all help slow down the process....\r\n\r\nGet your veterinarian involved. Ask about dietary supplements like omega 3 capsules or powders.\r\nOr try more natural foods... Ask your vet about adding fish to their diet or\u00a0olive oil<\/a> to increase omega-3 fatty acids and help moisturize their skin and coat.\r\n\r\nIt's always important to get your veterinarian involved when adding something new to your pets diet. Especially when its due to changes in your pets appearance or activity.\u00a0 Some changes like excessive shedding could be a sign of health problems.\r\n\r\nOnce you've done your research, put together a routine for both you and your pet. Having this become a part of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine should make it easier.\r\n\r\nAnd having a well groomed pet not only keeps your pet healthy and happy, but helps maintain a clean home<\/a>.","post_title":"Staying Ahead Of The Shed During The Spring And Summer Months.","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"staying-ahead-of-the-shed-during-the-spring-and-summer-months","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2022-04-30 14:07:37","post_modified_gmt":"2022-04-30 21:07:37","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=5554","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":7296,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2022-04-25 09:36:06","post_date_gmt":"2022-04-25 16:36:06","post_content":"For many, spending day after day in a job they don\u2019t love is the norm, but it doesn\u2019t have to be that way. Your life should be spent engaged in doing the things you are passionate about, and for many, that passion is their love of animals. If you\u2019ve been thinking about starting your own pet care-based business but don\u2019t know where to start, check out this FidoMingle<\/a> guide to help get you and your business on the way to success and fulfillment.\r\n\r\n1. Decide What Business Is Best for You\r\n\r\nA variety of options are available for those looking to start a business that benefits pets. If you want a more traditional store, you could sell pet products in person or online.\r\n\r\nIf you like to spend time directly with animals, you might enjoy pet grooming or sitting. If you love being active outdoors, a dog walking business might be right for you. If you thrive on having no two days look alike, you could also offer a full-service pet care shop where potential clients can choose from a number of possibilities, allowing you to take.\r\n\r\nFiguring out what is best for you and what will be most lucrative may take time, so give yourself space to grow and consider using a \u201cdoing business as\u201d or DBA name for your company. With a California DBA<\/a>, it allows you to branch out to new services, allowing you the freedom to experiment as needed.\r\n\r\n2. Make It Legitimate\r\n\r\nThe Small Business administration recommends 10 steps<\/a> you should follow to get your business up and running. Among the most important are writing your business plan, obtaining funding, registering your business, getting tax IDs, and applying for any required licenses and permits.\r\n\r\nA business plan is your vision for how your company will run, including day-to-day operations and financial strategies and goals. You can design your own or follow a template<\/a> to help guide you through the process. While there are more nontraditional means of funding businesses popping up all the time, most businesses receive their funding<\/a> from business loans or grants, investors, and personal funding from savings or family and friends.\r\n\r\nMany small businesses choose to register as a limited liability company or LLC, but if you\u2019re working on your own, you may choose to operate a sole proprietorship. To get your business tax certificate, you\u2019ll have to apply. Business laws vary between areas, including required licenses and permits, so check yours to make sure you follow the necessary procedures<\/a>.\r\n\r\n3. Master Marketing\r\n\r\nEven if you have the best idea, product, or service in the world, if you can\u2019t reach the right people, you\u2019ll never be able to experience the growth you need to succeed. Marketing is key to getting your message to the people who most need to hear it.\r\n\r\nDigital marketing<\/a> is popular today because customers are most easily found and consumer behaviors are most easily monitored online. Not only can you reach an infinitely higher number of potential customers on the internet than you could in person or through traditional means such as TV or radio commercials, digital marketing gives you the ability to appeal specifically to those who might be a good fit for your business, meaning you get more bang for your buck.\r\n\r\nDon\u2019t spend your life neglecting your passions. Embrace your love<\/a> of animals and determine a way to turn that love into a career you\u2019ll love. Both you and all the animals whose lives you touch will be better for it.\r\n\r\nGuest article by Cindy Aldridge\r\n\r\nImage via Pexels","post_title":"3 Tips for Turning Your Love of Animals Into Your Career","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"3-tips-for-turning-your-love-of-animals-into-your-career","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2022-04-25 09:41:42","post_modified_gmt":"2022-04-25 16:41:42","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=7296","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":5651,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2022-04-12 07:24:32","post_date_gmt":"2022-04-12 14:24:32","post_content":"Spring is filled with bright new colors.\u00a0 And whether you're gardening or hiking you're sure to be pleasantly surprised by some new blooms.\u00a0 As a pet owner you probably already know that pets like to chew.\u00a0 So to prevent any illness, make sure the plants you have around your home and yard are safe.\u00a0 Everybody loves adding color to the garden.\u00a0 In the past I have even wanted to plant some milkweed,\u00a0 just to draw more butterflies. But after a little research, I found that its a very toxic plant.\u00a0 And although it's very bitter in taste as a deterrent, it is also said to contain cardiac glycoside toxins. A plant that is very harmful when ingested, and in large consumption leads to death.\r\nSo I decided not to take a chance, having two rambunctious dogs.\r\n\r\nAlways be aware of what plants your pet may come in contact with aside from the usual grass.\u00a0 Especially when bringing new plants to your yard.\r\nThe picture above created by care2.com shows some very common plants that can be harmful to your pet.\r\n\r\nIt's a small guide to some of the very common, but there are many more plants that can be harmful, such as the elephant ear.\r\n\r\nTo view a larger variety of plants both toxic and nontoxic go to ASPCA Poison Control-Toxic And NonToxic Plants.<\/a>\r\n\r\nIf you suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, showing signs of odd behavior or any of the following symptoms...weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, facial swelling, dilated pupils, trouble breathing, or possible seizures contact your veterinarian immediately.","post_title":"Spring and Summer come with many new smells and beautiful colors. Know which plants are harmful especially when caring for young puppies and kittens that like to chew.\u00a0","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"spring-and-summer-come-with-many-new-smells-and-beautiful-colors-know-which-plants-are-harmful-especially-when-caring-for-young-puppies-and-kittens-that-like-to-chew","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2022-04-12 21:38:04","post_modified_gmt":"2022-04-13 04:38:04","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=5651","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":7284,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2022-03-24 06:55:08","post_date_gmt":"2022-03-24 13:55:08","post_content":"When it comes to experiencing the four seasons in\u00a0California<\/a> anything goes.\r\nIn fact, it can get warm anytime of the year, even in mid-winter! Nevertheless, your dog will still need walks, but remember that while you can dress down to shorts and a t-shirt, your companion still has on that permanent fur coat. That's why Fidomingle<\/a>\u00a0offers the following tips for proper pet care when temps are high:\r\n\r\nGet wet when you can<\/strong>\r\n\r\nWhile you can go to the beach or the local pool, your dog may not. There are few\u00a0beaches<\/a> in California that allow dogs and some not until the off season when it\u2019s already cool. Some dogs will enjoy being hosed down, while others do not enjoy being bathed no matter how hot it is.\r\n\r\nSome alternatives are to take your dog along to a park for a creek walk, or to a local swimming hole. There will likely be other dogs and people around, so this is only an option if your dog is socialized and well-behaved around others. But if yours is a\u00a0water dog<\/a> like a lab, they will love you for it.\r\n\r\nTake water with you<\/strong>\r\n\r\nWhen you do go on walks, if it\u2019s any distance at all, or if you\u2019ll be gone from the house for more than half an hour, you should bring some water and something for your dog\u00a0to drink out of.<\/a> they can\u2019t sweat, and because of that fur coat, a dog can overheat.<\/a>\r\n\r\nDog parks often have water available, but you can\u2019t always rely on it, and if the water has been sitting out, warm water won\u2019t cool them.\r\n\r\nIf you use a dog walker, have a talk with them about the heat. If they\u2019ve noticed the dogs they walk feeling it, you might consider a shorter walk, or keep frozen dog treats for them to enjoy afterwards. Some dogs will even walk on a treadmill. So if yours is so inclined, an indoor walk might be best for a day or two when the heat is punishing.\r\n\r\nGet a haircut<\/strong>\r\n\r\nIf you\u2019ve got a groomer, talk about a \"summer cut.\" A lot of the decorative fur and furnishings can come off. Your dog might look a little silly to you at first, but they\u2019ll be happier with a complete shavedown if it means being cooler.\r\n\r\nWatch for clues<\/strong>\r\n\r\nYour dog will find cooler places to lay down. They\u2019re usually pretty smart and good at communicating what they need. They might lay on top of a floor vent or in front of a fan. If you buy them a small personal fan, you may notice them spending time in front of it. If your dog is lethargic, that\u2019s natural, as long as they aren\u2019t panting for too long while resting, and as long as they don\u2019t seem uncomfortable.\r\n\r\nLower your stress levels<\/strong>\r\n\r\nWhile high temps can make anyone feel uncomfortable, it's important to keep your stress levels low whenever possible. Dogs are very in tune with human emotions, so do try to keep cool. Stay hydrated<\/a>\u00a0by drinking filtered water (which is beneficial to your health), take cold showers, and participate in relaxing activities like reading a book or drawing.\r\n\r\nDon\u2019t Forget Pet Sitting<\/strong>\r\n\r\nIf you\u2019re taking a vacation and it\u2019s really hot, many dog kennels are outdoors and not equipped with air conditioning. A good alternative is to hire a pet sitter<\/a> or dog walker, so the dog can still stay at home while you\u2019re gone. And while they\u2019ll definitely miss you, it can be less traumatic for them than a kennel, especially if it\u2019s really hot out.\r\n\r\nWarm weather normally offers good opportunities for outdoor doggy adventures. Be sure to watch out for signs that it\u2019s too hot for your friend, and always remember to keep them hydrated, cool, and in the shade whenever possible. And don't forget to properly care for yourself, too!\r\n\r\nAt Fidomingle, we deeply care about your pup's health. That's why we've developed an app<\/a>\u00a0that allows you to upload pet records, find local vet clinics, and make friends with other pet lovers. Download the app today.\r\n\r\nGuest Article by Cindy Aldridge\r\nPhoto By: Pixabay","post_title":"Keep Your Dog Cool When the Temps Rise","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"keep-your-dog-cool-when-the-temps-rise","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2022-03-24 06:55:08","post_modified_gmt":"2022-03-24 13:55:08","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=7284","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":4708,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2022-03-20 09:32:16","post_date_gmt":"2022-03-20 16:32:16","post_content":"We've learned that steroids long term can be bad, and then we turned to Apoquel<\/a>, the \"miracle\" drug for allergies.\u00a0 But have you looked at the package insert or done a little research?\r\n\r\nThis is an immune suppressant that in order to work must be given daily.\r\n\r\nI remember when this drug was new to the public.\u00a0 Veterinary clinics were put on a list and only allowed to purchase a certain amount each month as they kept running out. News traveled fast and everyone wanted it, no more wondering what caused the itch.\u00a0 Just when and how much Apoquel they could give.\r\n\r\nI agree there are some situations where we need drugs to give us relief for a period of time to allow healing, but to just cover up problems rather than responding to them can be harmful.\r\n\r\nSteroids have been proven harmful to health and thinning of bones.\r\nNow that steroids aren't always as effective, so many have turned to Apoquel.\u00a0 Remember, fixing the itch isn't fixing the problem.\r\nDrugs can be harmful, especially when its long term.\r\n\r\nIt's been said that a drug like Apoquel long term can suppress the immune system, leaving your pet vulnerable to other illness'.\r\n\r\nI came across a very interesting letter about apoquel from the FDA.....\r\n\r\nhttps:\/\/www.fda.gov\/media\/113909\/download<\/a>\r\n\r\nPrednisone is another commonly used drug to treat allergies among other illness', and can help manage a real problem.\u00a0 But like any steroid can become harmful when used for a long period of time.\r\n\r\nVetinfo.com<\/a>\u00a0gives good insight on Predsnisone-\u00a0 What it is\/ how it's used\/Short term and long term side effects........\r\n\r\nWhen we have allergies of our own we do our research and prevent contact with the cause, and of course treat at times.\r\nWe should all want to do the same for our pets.\r\n\r\nFood\r\nGrass\r\nPollen\r\nFleas\r\nDust mites\r\nMold spores\r\nAtopic dermatitis, a more chronic skin irritation\r\n\r\nThese are all sources of allergies that can cause itching leading to severe irritations, infections, hot spots, and even constant ear infections<\/a>.\r\n\r\nYes, sometimes veterinarians will approve\u00a0Benadryl<\/a> for some situations, but some allergies are just too severe or long term.\r\nAnd to see them constantly itching affects us too!\u00a0 We love our pets, so when they experience discomfort, so do we.\r\n\r\nFor my dog Tyson, it was the berries falling from the ficus tree during late summer.\u00a0 He would get them on his paws as he stepped through the garden.\r\n\r\nLicking the paws became constant til the hair was gone.\u00a0 I started to wash his paws in the evening during this time, and sweeping the berries.\u00a0 It hasn't occurred for the last three years.\u00a0 Although this wasn't as severe as some.\r\n\r\nThere are many\u00a0home remedies<\/a> you can try that might relieve the itch at home.\u00a0 Luckily mine was an easy fix, I'm sure there are so many others.\r\n

A simple\u00a0oatmeal bath<\/a> could help soothe the skin.\u00a0 Or in more severe cases a\u00a0medicated bath,<\/a> \u00a0to provide a little anti itch and skin comfort.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<\/div>\r\n


Always choose one method for bathing, and consult a veterinarian to know just how often to bathe as too much bathing could lead to more irritated skin.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<\/div>\r\n


A veterinarian can also help determine the cause or underlying condition to help find\u00a0 something suitable for your pet.<\/p>\r\n\r\n<\/div>\r\nIf you find that bathing your pet is somewhat difficult,\u00a0chlorhexadine\/keto wipes<\/a> work great for immediate soothing and relief of itchy skin.\u00a0 Something I have used on my pets in the past.\r\n

But don't stop there. Even trying different foods can help, as it might be a food allergy. There are some great diets out there you can try.<\/p>\r\n

\u00a0Pet food allergies<\/a> and how to approach them is a process that takes time and dedication, as you have to slowly introduce new foods, removing certain proteins, preservatives, or starch to find what might be the cause..<\/p>\r\nDo cats get food allergies? Yes they do!\r\n\r\nAvodermnatural.com<\/a>\u00a0goes into detail about common food allergies in cats.\r\n\r\nAllergy testing can be costly, but so are long term visits to the vet with routine blood work, prescriptions and treatment.\r\n\r\nWithout a doubt prescriptions are necessary to getting your pet some relief from a great deal of discomfort, skin irritations, or lesions from severe allergies. But when it comes to long term steroids and other prescriptions, try taking another approach. Rather than blocking the itch, get to the source.\r\n\r\nI'd love to hear some of your opinions.\r\n\r\nRemember there are many Spring and Summers ahead!","post_title":"Your dog has allergies? Why baffle when you can just fix the itch with a simple drug? This is why...","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"4708","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2022-03-24 07:11:10","post_modified_gmt":"2022-03-24 14:11:10","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=4708","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":7191,"post_author":"2642","post_date":"2022-02-07 14:20:09","post_date_gmt":"2022-02-07 22:20:09","post_content":"New app coming soon","post_title":"New app coming soon","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"new-app-coming-soon","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2022-02-07 14:20:09","post_modified_gmt":"2022-02-07 22:20:09","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=7191","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":7121,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2021-08-17 12:25:30","post_date_gmt":"2021-08-17 19:25:30","post_content":"

Photo Credit: Pexels.com<\/a><\/p>\r\n

Starting your own business offers many benefits. According to<\/a> National Funding, one of the biggest advantages of becoming a small business owner is the flexibility it brings. For example, if you want to get a pet, having the freedom to work from home can help you achieve this dream. Read on for actionable tips from FidoMingle<\/a> on how you can start a thriving business while simultaneously becoming a pet parent.<\/p>\r\n

Before you bring your pet home<\/p>\r\n

If you haven't already established your business as a legal entity, take care of this administrative task before you bring your pet home. Forming a limited liability company (LLC) offers diverse advantages, from tax benefits to personal liability protection. A business formation service can help you take care of this task quickly. Just make sure to check your state's guidelines regarding LLC formation. And if you already have employees, you should also set up a system for payroll. QuickBooks is a great option because it has an app that allows for mobile phone payroll processing<\/a>, which will be very convenient for you. You can handle your payroll as you take your new pup to the dog park!<\/p>\r\n

Before you bring your pet home, you should also set up an appropriate space for them. For example, if you're getting a cat, you need a litter box. It's best to keep your pet's essentials, like their food and water bowls, in a separate area from your workspace to avoid distractions on the job.<\/p>\r\n

You should also prepare the outside of your home. Lowe's provides a guide<\/a> to pet-friendly landscaping. For example, you should remove plants that are poisonous to canines and felines from your yard. You may also want to add fencing and ensure there is a shady spot for your animal to cool down on hot days.<\/p>\r\n

Of course, it's not just your pet that needs a comfortable space in the home. To keep your business on track, make sure you have a dedicated workspace where you can concentrate on your entrepreneurial project. Martha Stewart Magazine explains how to<\/a> create an ergonomically healthy workspace, like buying an adjustable-height desk.<\/p>\r\n

Once your pet is home<\/p>\r\n

Once your pet is settled, establish a routine for them. For example, you should feed your cat at the same time every day. Meanwhile, a dog will require regular walks. Establishing a set routine can also help you structure your workday and succeed in business. Nextiva provides a list<\/a> of morning habits that can help entrepreneurs thrive, like journaling.<\/p>\r\n

To help integrate your new pet into the home with minimal interruption to your business, trust technology for help. For example, there are many apps that can help you improve efficiency on the job. Connecteam has a list of small business apps to help with everything<\/a> from payments to time management, including Workday, Melio, and RescueTime.<\/p>\r\n

Fidomingle.com<\/a> can make owning a pet easier by keeping pet records AND pet tasks all in one app.\u00a0 Have your pets records on hand during travel, going to the park, or dropping your pet off at the groomers etc.\u00a0 Keep memos and reminders easily accessible and set to remind you at the appropriate time during your busy schedule.<\/p>\r\n

In addition to apps, you can also benefit from smart gadgets. For example, with a smart assistant, you can dictate work emails aloud while taking care of pet parent tasks, like cleaning the litter box or preparing food. PC Mag has a list of the best smart speakers, like Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and more<\/a>.<\/p>\r\n

Even with the help of tech tools like apps and smart speakers, sometimes you simply won't have enough hours in the day to focus on both business and your four-legged friend. In these instances, a reliable pet sitter can help. You can find professionals in your area using an online platform<\/a> like Care.com.<\/p>\r\n

While starting a business and bringing home a pet simultaneously is challenging, it isn't impossible. Follow the tips above to achieve success as a pet parent and an entrepreneur.<\/p>\r\n

Guest writer- Cindy Aldridge<\/p>","post_title":"Tips For Starting A Business While Also Becoming A Pet Parent","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"tips-for-starting-a-business-while-also-becoming-a-pet-parent","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2021-08-18 07:19:48","post_modified_gmt":"2021-08-18 14:19:48","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=7121","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":5385,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2021-04-06 09:48:11","post_date_gmt":"2021-04-06 16:48:11","post_content":"Fun in the sun also means protection.\r\n\r\nMany different products to help prevent fleas, ticks, and parasites have been formulated over the years to fit your dog or cats lifestyle.\u00a0 So remember to do your research.\r\n\r\nThe sun is out, and we know you're all itching to get out there and play.\u00a0 But remember to take precautions so you're not bringing the itch back home!\r\n\r\nFor example, a camping\/hiking dog should have prevention for flea, tick, and heartworm. And a dog that\u2019s strictly indoors maybe not so much.\r\n\r\nAnd cat's too.\u00a0 Maybe you have a cat that's mostly indoors....Revolution<\/a> might be all your cat needs, controlling the population of fleas, along with preventing heartworm, mites, and some parasites.\r\n\r\nBut a pet that's mostly outdoors, with new fleas and ticks hitching a ride on a daily basis.....\u00a0 Maybe you need a more stronger topical to deter them.\r\n\r\nDogs that love to swim may need tablet form or water proof topicals.\r\nSome topicals not only prevent fleas, but ticks, biting flies, and or mosquitoes.\r\n\r\nHere are a few just to get started.....\r\n\r\nAdvantage II for\u00a0cats<\/a> and\u00a0dogs<\/a>.\r\n\r\nA monthly topical proven effective for years killing fleas and some parasites.\u00a0 Great for outdoor pets as it kills adult fleas within 10 minutes of contact.\u00a0 A waterproof application repelling ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies.\r\n\r\nVectra for\u00a0cats<\/a>\u00a0and Vectra 3D for\u00a0dogs<\/a>\r\n\r\nA monthly topical that repels and kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes,\u00a0biting and sand flies, lice and mites\u00a0(excluding mange mites).\r\n\r\nBravecto<\/a>\u00a0has become a very popular tablet form of flea and tick control getting praise for it's \"long lasting\" effects, and not needing to worry about it washing off.\r\n\r\nAlthough some oral flea controls can come with\u00a0health risks<\/a> and guide lines.\r\n\r\nBe sure to always read the label.\u00a0 These products should never be given without an exam by your veterinarian.\r\n\r\nDogs that are prone to seizures should never be given an oral flea control, and always take great caution with seniors.\u00a0 Senior pets may have other medical conditions that you may not yet be aware of, which could make them more vulnerable to side effects.\r\n\r\nDo keep in mind, if your pet suffers from flea allergies a tablet form might not be the way to go.\u00a0 As the irritation of a flea biting once could still send the skin into a rage.\r\n\r\nIf you\u2019re looking for a natural flea and tick spray for dogs,\u00a0\u00a0Vets Best<\/a>\u00a0 <\/a>formula is said to be very popular with pet owners, and my favorite\u00a0Natural Care<\/a> made with botanical oils.\r\n\r\nBoth natural flea and tick treatments safe to spray directly on your dog, and can also be used to treat upholstery, pet bedding, carpets, and more. The smell is tolerable, but do be ready for a somewhat minty or pine scent.\u00a0 They both contain essential oils that kill fleas and ticks on contact, but also kill flea eggs as well.\r\n\r\nRemember prevention is the key to keeping your pet healthy.\r\n\r\nThere are so many Illness and disease transmitted by mosquitos, ticks, and fleas....\r\n\r\nhttps:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/the-dog-blog\/number-of-illness-and-disease-transmitted-by-mosquitos-ticks-and-fleas-has-more-than-tripled\/<\/a>\r\n\r\nCheck with your veterinarian to see what would suit your dog. Also know that these manufacturers compete, so don\u2019t forget to ask about those free extra tubes or Spring and Summer promotions!!!\r\n\r\nLooking for great deals online, and you've got the time to wait?\u00a0 Discount Pet Meds<\/a>\u00a0gives you more for your money!!\r\n\r\nWishing you safe and sunny days! \u2764","post_title":"Don't Forget To Spring Into Action!!! Protect Your Pets From Fleas, Heartworm, And Parasites!","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"dont-forget-to-spring-into-action-protect-your-pets-from-fleas-heartworm-and-parasites","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2021-04-06 15:38:10","post_modified_gmt":"2021-04-06 22:38:10","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=5385","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":6085,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2021-02-15 10:00:02","post_date_gmt":"2021-02-15 18:00:02","post_content":"As we near the end of winter its sunny out! Yes the sun is out, BUT there's still a slight chill in the air so keep warm with a light jacket for both you and your pet if needed. Small dogs can get cold easily, especially by the beach where it's windy, so taking a lightweight jacket<\/a> for your pet is a good idea. Don't forget to bring fresh water!\u00a0 Just because its cooler doesn't mean they wont tire or be thirsty, it helps to be prepared.\r\n\r\nSo many great San Diego spots to choose from, but here are some of my favorites!! Call ahead of time as changes can occur due to season or dogs, AND always be prepared as new COVID Restrictions<\/a>\u00a0might be put in place for your safety.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n**Enjoy beautiful sunsets at the Hotel Del Coronado's Taco Shack<\/a>\u00a0beachfront eatery.\r\n\r\nMaybe take a walk on Coronado's dog friendly beach<\/a> nearby on the north side.\r\n\r\n**Cocktails with your pooch at Cafe La Rue<\/a> on the patio of the beautiful La Valencia hotel.\u00a0 Yappy Hour 3-6 every day.\r\n\r\n**Enjoy a short cruise with your pup on Lake San Marcos with Black Swan Gondola.<\/a>\u00a0 \u00a0Offering both day or sunset cruises.\r\n\r\n**Maybe you want to just hang out, have a beer, or just meet up with friends.\u00a0 San Diego has some of the best breweries<\/a> to hang with your pooch.\r\n\r\n**Oceanside may not have dog friendly beaches, but that doesn't mean they aren't dog friendly!\u00a0 Enjoy a nice walk around the harbor, finish with a coffee or quick bite.\r\n\r\n**Visitoceanside.org<\/a> has a list of great dog friendly restaurants, trails, and even a\r\nlist of neighboring dog friendly beaches.\u00a0 So many wonderful places\r\nto enjoy with your four legged friend.\r\n\r\n**Enjoy some comfort, friendly faces and a warm cup of coffee or pastry in Leucadia on the patio of the very popular Pannikin.<\/a>\r\n\r\n**Shane's Pizza n Pints<\/a>\u00a0offers great pizza along with a friendly patio for dogs.\u00a0 Enjoy a walk after good food, at the park across the street in beautiful San Elijo.\r\n


Keep it clean and friendly when visiting these dog friendly areas, so they remain available for you and your pet.????????<\/p>\r\n\r\n<\/div>\r\n


Have you got some great tips? We'd love to hear them!!<\/p>\r\n\r\n<\/div>","post_title":"The days are still cooler here in San Diego, but Spring is on the way!!! Here are some of my favorite spots if you're heading outdoors with the pooch....","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"the-days-are-cooler-here-in-san-diego-but-our-suns-still-shining-here-are-some-of-my-favorite-spots-if-youre-headin-outdoors-with-the-pooch","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2021-02-22 09:48:54","post_modified_gmt":"2021-02-22 17:48:54","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=6085","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":4914,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2021-01-27 08:30:57","post_date_gmt":"2021-01-27 16:30:57","post_content":"Who says you've got to go as far as Hawaii to see waterfalls?\r\nThere might be a paradise in your own backyard.\r\n\r\nYes, California has a handful of beautiful waterfalls to see!\r\n\r\nWhen hiking with your pet, always do your research ahead of time.\r\nCheck park websites for fees and guidelines to be safe.\r\nWhen planning your trip, keep in mind not all areas are pet friendly, and some trails may not be suitable for your pet.\r\nBe aware that areas can be rocky, slippery, and some waterfalls can be hard to get to.\r\nSo always pack well for hiking<\/a>.\r\n\r\nBurney Falls is my favorite, what's yours?\r\n\r\nhttps:\/\/www.world-of-waterfalls.com\/top-10-california-waterfalls.html<\/a>","post_title":"California Waterfalls...Beautiful hikes in your own backyard.","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"california-waterfalls-beautiful-hikes-in-your-own-backyard","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2021-01-27 08:31:55","post_modified_gmt":"2021-01-27 16:31:55","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=4914","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"1","filter":"raw"},{"ID":5174,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2021-01-18 08:15:30","post_date_gmt":"2021-01-18 16:15:30","post_content":" \r\n\r\nI tend to eat and get lazy throughout the holidays, how about you?\r\nOf course I always promise myself at the start of the New Year, things will change..... I hope.\r\n\r\nHave you ever noticed that with some of the moves you make, your pet will almost always do the same?\r\n\r\nIf you sleep a lot, your pet will sleep a lot.\u00a0 If you sit around, your pet will sit around.\u00a0 If you're too busy with time consuming things like internet or other projects, your pet will sit and wait for you.\r\n\r\nWhich means if you get lazy, they get lazy.\u00a0 If you put on weight, THEY could too????.\r\n\r\nSo if you're active, they will most likely follow your lead.\r\n\r\nFor cats, there are all kinds of indoor activities to play.\r\n\r\nFrom fetch, to something as easy and simple as a paper bag...\u00a0 Cats love to chase and play.\r\nAnd what cat doesn't love to participate in your yoga exercise.\u00a0 Yoga for cats<\/a>\u00a0has become very popular, even if you don't own a cat.\r\n\r\nAlthough outdoor exercise calls for a dog...\r\n\r\nI know when I say \"Wanna go for a walk?\"\u00a0 There's that one friend of mine that will never complain, always show up,\u00a0 and greets each and every morning with bright eyes and a wagging tail.\r\n\r\nCould there be any better motivation?\u00a0 Maybe, but still a hard act to follow.\r\n\r\nAnd maybe you have a friend that has a dog, or maybe you have a group to meet up with.\r\n\r\nMeeting up with other dogs is great fun.\r\nEspecially if you and your pet are already familiar with them.\u00a0 Know the area.\u00a0 Keep things safe and always be aware of your surroundings.\r\n\r\nMy dog has a few friends he meets up with.\r\nHe's thrilled to see them, so not only is he getting exercise, but socializing too!\r\n\r\nSo if you are looking to get active, be sure to include your pet.\r\n\r\nBut before starting any new activities, make sure to check with your veterinarian.\u00a0 As too much exercise can also be harmful to your pet.\r\n\r\nOlder pets can tire easily, or become sore in the joints.\r\nOverweight pets can strain or tear muscles or ligaments.\r\nSo always be cautious, and know your limits.\r\n\r\nHere are a few ideas to get you started...\r\n\r\nSomething as simple as a\u00a0brisk walk<\/a> is great exercise.\r\n\r\nMake part of your workout throwing a ball or a frisbee<\/a>.\r\n\r\nDo you have a real adventurous, outdoor dog?\u00a0 Do some hiking<\/a>.\r\nBut know the areas, and always start small, with short hikes.\r\n\r\nTake your pet to the beach.\u00a0 San Diego has several dog beaches<\/a>.\r\n\r\nDoes your dog have a lot of energy and\u00a0 love to run?\r\nGet involved in agility<\/a>.\u00a0 This might take some skill, but can create such a bond while having fun.\r\n\r\nAnd don't think this sport is just for large dogs small dogs love it too.\r\nYou can see the fun this small terrier is having in this adorable video<\/a>????...\r\n\r\nSo don't let your goal just be hitting the gym.\u00a0 Feel the energy of getting outdoors, or taking on activities with your pet.\r\n\r\nLet your pet motivate you, and motivate them.\r\nHealth is happiness!\r\n\r\nRemember, exercise relieves stress and less stress is always healthy.\r\nFor both of you.\r\n\r\nGot some great ideas to add?\r\nI'd love to hear them!","post_title":"Looking to get active this year?\u00a0 Don't forget to include your pet! Health and happiness after the holidays... for you AND your four legged friends","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"looking-to-get-active-this-year-dont-forget-to-include-your-pet-health-and-happiness-after-the-holidays-for-you-and-your-four-legged-friend","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2021-01-19 16:27:33","post_modified_gmt":"2021-01-20 00:27:33","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=5174","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},{"ID":5032,"post_author":"1","post_date":"2020-11-24 09:30:58","post_date_gmt":"2020-11-24 17:30:58","post_content":"Common holiday foods unsafe for pets...\r\n\r\n*Alcohol- can lead to coma or death\r\n*Bones- Stomach lacerations or death\r\n*Avocado- Diarrhea\r\n*Raisins- Can cause kidney failure, which can lead to death\r\n*Dairy- Diarrhea, illness\r\n*Mushrooms- Death\r\n*Caffeine- Toxic to the heart and nervous system which could lead to death.\r\n*Walnuts\/macadamias- Can cause damage to the nervous system or muscles\r\n*Onions\/Garlic- Can cause anemia and or blood cell damage\r\n*Grapes- Kidney failure, which can lead to death.\r\n*Fatty foods\/Bacon- Can lead to pancreatitis\r\n*Xylitol (sweetener found in gum, candy, or low calorie foods)- Death\r\n\r\nIf you feel your pet has ingested anything harmful contact your veterinarian immediately.\r\n\r\nOr contact ASPCA Poison Control 888-426-4435","post_title":"Common Holiday Foods Unsafe For Pets...","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","post_password":"","post_name":"common-holiday-foods-unsafe-for-pets","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2020-11-24 22:30:43","post_modified_gmt":"2020-11-25 06:30:43","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/www.fidomingle.com\/?p=5032","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"}],"next_page_url":null,"prev_page_url":"https:\/\/fidomingle.com\/apis\/post_apis.php?query=posts&page="}}