Staying Ahead Of The Shed During The Spring And Summer Months.

What we all know is dogs shed. But depending on the breed and health of the dog, the amount of shedding may vary. Most dogs during the winter will develop a thick winter coat and start shedding it as of Spring.  Some dogs may shed throughout the year. So how do you stay ahead of […]

Are your pets at risk of catching Covid-19? Why one dog tested positive…

The “corona” in the vaccine dhpp- “c”  given to our dogs annually for preventing distemper, hepatitis,  parainfluenza, parvo, and “corona” virus is NOT the same as the corona virus Covid-19. So no they aren’t vaccinated for it, BUT there’s really no need to mask your dogs. Do take precautions and wash your hands. explains […]

China bans trade of wild animals for food!

Wow, this is the latest news in the wild animal trade!  A big jump as this will include protection for a wider range of animals. This big news delivered by Humane Society Of The United States comes as a result of the Corona Virus. All pointing to a live wild animal market as the source. […]

Owning a pet AND keeping a clean home….exploring the pawssibilities.

When making changes to your lifestyle sometimes you need to make adjustments. This same rule applies when bringing a pet into your home.  And if you already have a four legged family member, you know it’s never too late to start. Pets are a great addition to the home adding exercise, love, fun, laughter, and […]

Your pumpkin is a superfood!  The health benefits of pumpkin for your pet….

Fall is here! And all through October you’re seeing pumpkins. While throwing together some of those favorite pumpkin pie recipes, or making plans for your pumpkin carving,  here’s some food for thought…. Pumpkins are not just for carving, they are said to be a kind of superfood with great health benefits. Great health benefits for […]

How to determine your pets age and why it’s important to know.

We all hate to admit it.  Sometimes I try to close my eyes to it altogether. But pets age faster than humans.  For instance a two year old dog is much more mature than a two year old child. And its always been said a dog year is equal to 6-7 in human years.  But […]

Way to Clear The Shelters San Diego!!

Clear The Shelters, an annual event August 17th brought by NBC 7 and Telemundo 20 had many San Diegans showing up, finding homes for so many wonderful pets. According to NBC San Diego “By 3 p.m., nearly 800 pets had been adopted at the nine participating shelters across the county.” And by the following day […]

Some of the best must see American National Parks…

Some must see beautiful parks for the nature loving traveler ???? Always plan ahead when taking your pet. Make sure areas are dog friendly, and obey the leash laws! They are put in place for the safety of your pet. ????❤ Best American National Parks…….

We stay busy because we love to see you happy!!!  New in app features!

We’ve been busy trying to keep you happy!! Download the latest update and start connecting with others using new in app messaging and delete???? Get it now on Google Play ! Download from the App Store ! #sharing #caring #organizing #prioritizing #Family #pets #dogs #cats #social #travel Organize your pets records, while sharing stories, information, n pics! […]

A New Cancer Vaccine Is Being Tested On Dogs!

In the above picture from Canine T-Cell Project’s Facebook page…   Trilly a Gordon Setter is the very first to receive a vaccine being tested to prevent cancer in dogs back in May. Very exciting news!  As with all new medicine it will take some years of testing.  Dogs just like humans can get different […]

Its hot out!!

???? Keep you n your pets hydrated and always provide shade???? *Be Safe * Don’t hike hot days * Don’t leave dogs in hot cars.

The Growing Use Of CBD, Pets, The Benefits, And How To Safely Treat.

Now that CBD (cannabidiol) is available and being sold in stores for so many uses, people are gaining more and more interest.  Pet owners have been sharing stories of how effective it is in treating conditions like stress, back pain, joint relief, seizures, among many other conditions. But effective only if its being used properly […]

San Diego Has Snakes!

This is clearly a snake in my yard!! Luckily this is not a rattler, but a reminder that snakes are around during these warm months. Be extra careful when gardening and keep the yard clean of areas to hide where the dogs play.  Consider the Rattlesnake Vaccine if you have a dog that spends a lot […]

This is hard work!! Somebody send me some goats!!

Getting the weeds n dry brush outta here. We’re doing our part to help with fire prevention, we hope you are too ???? Clearing out dried weeds and brush also helps keep those lil varmints and snakes from hiding in the yard with the pets. Make sure to keep the yard clear of piled wood […]

Super Pet Adoption was just that…..A super event!

With so many wonderful people doing amazing things for pets!???? So many attended showing their love for animals.  Including me! I was lucky enough to see a German Shephard pup find her forever home, and meet a beautiful Brazilian mastiff named Maggie!  Bichon Rescue of Orange County was showing some of their beautiful senior dogs,  […]

Microchipping Is Not Just For Dogs And Cats.

If you’ve ever owned a turtle or tortoise you know the idea that they move very slow is not really true at all. Turtles and tortoises can really cover ground when they want to, getting them into a lot of trouble. Remember the 70 pound tortoise “Spirit” that had escaped and fell from a 10 ft […]

What’s new in the bag at Walmart….

As if veterinarians didn’t have enough competition already with online pharmacies and low cost clinics. Walmart has a new online pet pharmacy, that launched at the beginning of this month. Walmart announces that they will “bring the cost down on drugs for dogs, cats, horses and livestock.  With over 300 trusted brands to choose from, […]

Goin somewhere???

Have all all of your pets records organized in one app! Locate veterinary clinics in the area of destination by zip code throughout the U.S. Have microchip info, rabies info all accessible in one app????… Get the App! #dogs #cats #social #recordkeeping #petrecords #reminders #friends #pets #family #medicalrecords #travel